How Cantilever Racking Helped Me Store More Goods In My Pet Store

It has been nearly two years since I opened my pet store shop. During the initial period, I faced no problems storing pet food, toys, and other paraphernalia even though the floor space was quite limited. As more and more customers started visiting my shop, I had to find a solution to store the goods. I initially opted for the traditional wooden shelves. However, there was a limit on the number of shelves I could accommodate on each wall. It was during this period that one of my friends suggested that I should opt for cantilever racking storage system.

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What would you find at my pet store?

Apart from selling different types of animals to the public, my pet store also stocks a variety of pet accessories and animal supplies. I sell products such as aquariums, cages, cat litter (also known as a sandbox), leashes, collars, toys, treats, and food. My store also provides engraving services for pet tags that have the contact information of the owner. This comes in handy when the pet gets lost. Additionally, my pet store also offers aesthetic services (such as dog and cat grooming) as well as hygienic care (such as pet cleaning).Initially people faced trouble finding goods in my store, as things were not organised properly. However, today, the scenario is very different, after installation of the cantilever racking system.

Advantage of strength

For centuries, construction and architectural projects worldwide have used cantilever construction. Thanks to its inherent strength coupled with the excellent practicality and simplicity of construction, it has remained a firm favourite in the storage industry. Cantilevered construction does not depend on lintels or spars for support. Although this type of construction can often appear to be fragile, they can bear considerable weight because of their strength. The weight loading borne by the horizontal support is transferred to the vertical support point of contact. Following this, it is resisted and distributed by a combination of shear stress force and momentum.

Why did I choose cantilever racking?

When it boils down to storage, the cantilever rack is a system that makes use of the cantilever support arrangement for its individual shelves and racks. In this system, a beam that supports the load is supported only at one end, without any other external braces. Such a rack system depends on individual rack support, attached at one end to upright L's through bolt-on or slot and tag fixtures. As this system does not have any vertical or oblique supports, the racks can effortlessly store materials, longer than the span of the rack.

I finally found out the best supplier

Abrief online search provided me with details of cantilever racking manufactured by different companies. However, none of them seemed suitable for the short space that my pet store has. I asked my friend who had suggested this storing space and he suggested that I opt for cantilever racking manufactured by Wickens Engineering Limited. Thanks to the cantilever racking provided by this company, I can now effortlessly store all of my pet supplies in such a way that I can retrieve them easily.